Join the Free Hive Network

What is the Hive Network?

The Hive Network is a series of three different types of events rotating on a monthly basis. Events take place on the first Tuesday of every month* at 3.30pm for 1.5 hours to inspire, support and collaborate.

What is the purpose of the Network?

To support and inspire businesses interested in creative and digital innovation and to help generate work and ideas through networking and collaboration.

Who is it for?

Hive Network is aimed at SMEs, especially those in the Cheshire and Warring areas. Everyone from global business leaders to tech start-ups, digital agencies and freelancers are all invited to be a part of our network.

Why should you attend?

  • Build a network of like minded businesses to collaborate with
  • Be inspired to generate ideas and learn new ways of helping your business to thrive
  • Access support available locally to you and your business
  • Raise your business profile

How do I sign up?


Hive Network Events Series

Hive Inspire

Join the Hive Inspire events to help spark your creative thinking through relevant content. Listen to our keynotes speakers discuss a range of topics and join in the conversation with our panel in the live Q&A sessions.

Hive Support

We invite experts to talk through best practices for helping businesses thrive in the creative and digital industry. We’ll help you find local support networks and a range of information to ensure you’re always getting the right help for your organisation.

Hive Collaborate:

Widen your business network and generate new opportunities. We aim to create a platform for you to showcase your organisation, learn more about industry practises and raise your business profile.